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AR Marketing

Our reality is pretty great and up until the last century the physical world had been considered the only reality that we as human beings could sense and perceive. However, today, thanks to the development of technologies, we can immerse ourselves in completely new artificial worlds or reinforce the existing reality with additional informational layers. This technology is called Augmented Reality.

How do AR applications work?

It's as simple as one-two-three

The user points the mobile device's camera at the product

The application recognizes the product

The screen displays additional virtual content


The field of marketing and the advertising business were among the first to consider the possibilities of developing augmented reality.

Over the last two years, AR has become an innovative and, at the same time, an effective marketing tool that changes the very essence of consumption. Using AR, we can model the reality and play with it, making the customers not only the paying party, but also the enthusiastic participants in the overall game. The augmented reality developments in advertising are used in all aspects. The functions of augmented reality are used for store fronts, fitting rooms, interactive kiosks, promo stands. Advertising campaigns conducted using the technologies of augmented reality cause major resonance and, most importantly, effectively influence the target audience, form a stable positive impression of the product or service.

Financial Trends of AR

Quarterly in 2012 - 2016

Currently, AR is in the beginning stages of development, but thanks to the fast Internet and mobile devices, the use of augmented reality will become an integral part of our everyday life in just a few years. The potential of AR is huge, which is confirmed by the volume of investments into this sphere. Those who are the first to use this technology will get all the benefits from its use.

Technology Development

A brief history of the development of Augmented Reality technology

The history of Augmented Reality as a technology began in the mid-20th century, when the military first began developing devices that could display additional information in the operator's field of vision. Like many discoveries, these developments were limited to use only in the circle of research teams. Over the past 50 years, the technology of augmented reality has made a huge leap in the development and expansion in the fields of application due to its vast practical qualities.

The establishing of the augmented reality market has become quite a logical step of technological development and marked a new era in marketing. AR produces a powerful WOW effect! To date, the greatest value of AR is a good marketing solution and the creation of interesting AR-content for users.

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